17000ft Foundation


‘A picture is worth a thousand words, and a name - 17000’ 17000ft Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working towards improving the lives of people from the mountainous villages of Ladakh. With their primary focus being quality education to the rural children of Ladakh, and social and economic empowerment of rural communities. With the COVID-19 crisis, 17000 ft’s core programs in education, infrastructure and capacity building of rural communities called for a reprioritization, particularly owing to the economic losses incurred due to a drop in tourism and subsequent reduced government funding. toolbox INDIA’s call to action therefore was to support the organisation in redefining their theory of change in altered times in order to continue maximum community support and effective interventions. toolbox INDIA thus, through in-depth interactions with the founder and top management of the organisation, conducted an extensive analysis of the organisation’s strategic plans to define action items that map community-level impact.

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